Don Lewis is a gifted musician and educator whose mission is to inspire and empower audiences to achieve their dreams.  Whether presenting a solo concert or collaborating with other musicians and artists, Don's music brings a message of hope, respect, and community.

Don began playing piano as a Dayton, Ohio high school student. Later, at Tuskegee Institute, he accompanied and sang with the Tuskegee Chorus and played for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Freedom Rallies.

Uniting his interest in engineering with his musical talent, Don became one of the pioneers in synthesizer use and technology. In 1977, he designed and built a synthesizer system that was an inspiration for Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI), now on display at the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad, CA.

Don has performed at concerts worldwide and has appeared as a soloist with many symphony orchestras. As a studio artist, he has worked with such greats as Quincy Jones, Sergio Mendez and Michael Jackson. Don has also created scores for film and television productions including the award winning Rainbows End and Were You There series featured on PBS. In addition he has composed music for commercial videos for such clients as Nissan, Pacific Telephone, and Digital Equipment Corp.

Also an enthusiastic teacher, Don has taught courses in the history of Gospel Music, multimedia, and synthesizer technology at University of California at Berkeley Extension, San Jose State University and Stanford University. In 1987, Don combined his love of children, education and music to create Say “Yes” to Music!  Since then, he has delighted thousands of students, teachers and school administrators across the United States and Canada with his inspiring musical assemblies. 

Throughout the years Don has been a concert artist and consultant with various musical instrument manufacturers including Hammond, Arp, Yamaha, Roland Corporation, and Rodgers Instruments.  He continues to delight and touch the hearts of his fans in his concerts at  home and throughout the world.